This is a book for people who have a craving for deeper meaning. The seven stories in The Career As A Path To The Soul address the question: How do we find our own very personal sense of serving a higher purpose in life and work? At the beginning of each story we meet people whose needs and desires are familiar to us all:

-A middle-aged man feels he is a prisoner of his job
-A young man struggles to find the job and career that is “absolutely right for me”
-A woman in mid-career is weighed down by a family curse of unhappiness that ruins her satisfaction at work
-An older woman wants to make a difference in the world through her work. She needs to feel that her contribution will have a lasting impact and will be “eternally” meaningful
-A man who loves his job is taken over by rage at a tyrannical new boss
-A man whose career always seemed to be charmed suddenly finds that he can’t repeat his old successes no matter how hard he tries

In ways that help us and move us and teach us, each of these stories shows us the path to the soul is different for every person but always involves connecting to something greater within.